spammers on pypi

skip at skip at
Mon Jun 8 22:15:29 EDT 2009

    Robert> I don't think a SpamBayes approach will work for this particular
    Robert> guy. It's not like completely fake metadata was uploaded with
    Robert> links to spam sites.  There actually is Python code for some of
    Robert> them.  Maybe even some that is marginally useful.  But only
    Robert> marginally (Linked Lists for Python? Really?).  All of the code
    Robert> appears to use their proprietary, unreleased package.

You might be surprised how well SpamBayes could single out this guy's stuff
as spam.  In his form submission he has to provide some references to his
site.  Those URLs (or at least fragments of them like domain names) or
product references (seems everything has "vyper" in it) would probably
become very spammy clues.

I'll contact the PyPI software folks.  I've used SpamBayes for similar sorts
of things (like RoundUp).  Somebody even built a SpamBayes for YouTube
browser extension:


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