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Jon Harrop jon at
Tue Jun 9 14:59:41 EDT 2009

toby wrote:
> On Jun 7, 2:41 pm, Jon Harrop <j... at> wrote:
>> Arved Sandstrom wrote:
>> > Jon Harrop wrote:
>> >> I see no problem with mutable shared state.
>> > In which case, Jon, you're in a small minority.
>> No. Most programmers still care about performance
> Frequently when they shouldn't.

I disagree. A lot of software is still far too slow because the programmers
failed to pay attention to performance. Blogspot in Firefox being one
example: it can barely keep up with my typing!

>> and performance means mutable state.
> Hm, not sure Erlangers would wholly agree.

Erlang is about concurrency. This thread is about parallelism.

Dr Jon D Harrop, Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd.

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