What is the actual type of "interrupted system call"?

Jeff McNeil jeff at jmcneil.net
Tue Jun 9 15:06:00 EDT 2009

On Jun 9, 2:22 pm, mrstevegross <mrstevegr... at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to write a try/catch block to handle an "interrupted system
> call". However, I can't seem to locate information on the actual
> typename of the exception. Does anyone know what it would be? I want
> my code to look like this:
> try:
>   ...
> except InterruptedSystemCall # what's the right name?
>   ...
> Thanks,
> --Steve

You'll get that error when an async. event (signal) is delivered to
your application during a system call. It's a result of 'errno' being
set to errno.EINTR (4). I check for a few such specific conditions in
some of my code and I usually do it like so:

except EnvironmentError, e:
    if e.errno == errno.EINTR:

That works for me.  There isn't an "InterruptedSystemCall" error or
equivalent in the standard exception hierarchy.  EnvironmentError is
the parent of OSError & IOError, which is where you'll most likely be
encountering that state.



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