Function/method returning list of chars in string?

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Tue Jun 9 16:20:56 EDT 2009

On 2009-06-09 14:43, Terry Reedy wrote:
> jon vs. python wrote:
>> Sorry, I didn't realize that you already proposed list comprehension.
>> There is some kind of asymmetry in several areas.I guess that's
>> somehow related to this post:
> The premise of this post by Zed the Insightful is that Python developers
> are like a homegenous bunch of brain-damaged people. Instead, they are a
> heterogenous group of volunteers, with rotating membership, at least
> some of whom are aware of the various issues he mentions, but who are
> constrained by both time limits and back compatibility.
> The constraint of back compatibility was loosened for 3.0. What
> contribution did Zed Shaw make toward improving the deficiencies he
> noted when he had a chance? I do not remember any.
> His excuse: "If I had the time I would try to fix this stuff, but I
> realize that none of this will be fixed until there’s a cultural shift
> in Python away from this habit of Neglect." This bogus excuse is Neglect
> on his part. I strongly suspect, based on experience with other
> Professional Critics / Ignored Prophets like him, that efforts to help
> him contribute would be ignored or rejected.
> Python and the stdlib is all open source. If he were to submit a patch,
> and it were ignored or rejected for whatever reason, he could still
> release it and register it on PyPI. I just checked and NONE of the 6710
> submissions are his.
> "There’s many more places where this kind of neglect is found, but these
> days I just accept it and move on unless I seriously get pissed off. The
> last tool I did this to was argparse and optparse which I replaced with
> a much nicer system in Lamson."
> Perhaps someday he will share his "improved" version and let others
> judge and possibly use it.

To be fair:

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