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On Jun 9, 11:58 pm, William Clifford <mr.william.cliff... at>
> I've become interested in basic graphs and networks and I'm wondering
> about what algorithms are there for generating basic regular graphs
> like the simplex graph or dodecahedron graph, etc (I'm sure there are
> many). I'm particularly keen on understanding the very basic functions
> for determining edges in the graphs. If one didn't want the complete
> graph but just a function generates the edges connected to a given
> node.
> I've been surfing around for this sort of info, but I'm having trouble
> finding stuff at my level. If anyone knows of any resources or
> tutorials or that sort of thing, I'd like to hear about those too.
> Thanks!
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> William Clifford

Depending on how much of a basis you have in CS, you
may want to take a look at
which I found to be an excellent book that covers a lot of the
ground you're talking about. Also, check out graphine
( I  think its a pretty easy-to-use graph package
for python,  although as the primary author I'm pretty biased.

Geremy Condra

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