multi-core software

Paul Rubin http
Wed Jun 10 11:22:27 EDT 2009

Jon Harrop <jon at> writes:
> > I'm not being facetious. I write applications that run on application
> > servers, and from time to time I have had to write various special
> > purpose servers. This kind of programming is all about managing
> > concurrent execution of computations. The overarching concern is 
> > reliability and correct function. For many corporate situations, even
> > with hundreds of users, the actual load at any instant is low enough
> > that the various servers involved are nowhere close to being stressed
> > out - performance is a secondary issue.
> In other words, without concurrency the latency would be so high
> that you would consider the program to be wrong. However you cut it,
> the real reason is latency.

I don't think that follows, if there is two-way communication and
dependency between the servers, combined with lack of control over
when any particular server decides to initiate an outgoing request.
Stuff may have to happen concurrently to avoid complete deadlock.

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