multi-thread python interpreaters and c++ program

myopc myopc at
Wed Jun 10 21:40:11 EDT 2009

I use gdb to debug, and cant find any symbol in the stack.
I wanna to exit from outside python, without tell anything to the 
but it seems impossible

"Floris Bruynooghe" <floris.bruynooghe at> 
:6deac4c8-b208-4fbf-8098-8dc7af7f881b at
On Jun 9, 6:50 am, "myopc" <my... at> wrote:
> I am ruuning a c++ program (boost python) , which create many python
> interpreaters and each run a python script with use multi-thread
> (threading).
> when the c++ main program exit, I want to shut down python interpreaters,
> but it crashed.

Your threads are daemonic, you could be seeing
You'll have to check your stack in a debugger to know.  But as said
this can be avoided by making the threads finish themself and joining


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