Persistent failure of 'break' statement ( novice )

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Sat Jun 13 21:15:03 EDT 2009

I don't see any error in that code except the fact HTML ate one space from
the code you pasted. It worked fine and perfectly as expected, even with
print(num) present.

I think you have either a run-time environment problem, or an editor
encoding problem. Try a different editor, and/or different ways of launching
the program. And share with us what you did to run this to begin with, that
might help as well.

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On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 10:20 AM, <pdlemper at> wrote:

> Thanks Mark & Rhodri.  Neither works.
> I'm using Notepad2 as editor.  Don't use the tab. Each space
> counted with spacebar & recounted.  Rewrote the block from
> scratch as new script and eliminated the print line in the loop.
> Now no error message, but it will go on forever despite repeatedly
> entering 0.  Have to get out with ctrl-c .
> while True :
>    num = int(input())
>    if num == 0 :
>        break
> print('done')
>           Frusting: I'm missing something fundamental. Dave WB3DWE
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