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>	As for the use of X-Noarchive headers... Back before Google, most
>NNTP servers had automatic expiration of messages (on my ISP at the
>time, the binary groups expired after 24 hours!, most messages expired
>after one or two weeks). I never used X-Noarchive -- in truth, I didn't
>even know about it.
>	THEN... Google started doing Google Groups with no automatic
>expiration. That is when the subject of X-Noarchive headers came up in
>some of the groups I'd been following. I and a fair number of others
>immediately took advantage of it.

Actually, it's not really fair to blame Google for this, they were only
following the design of DejaNews, which they purchased in 2001.  Google
did create some additional value by finding old Usenet archives that
predated DejaNews.  (Google Groups, which I normally refer to as Gooja in
deference to the history, debuted the archive on Dec 10, 2001.)
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