Good books in computer science?

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Sun Jun 14 01:38:32 EDT 2009

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> wrote:
> >> Code Complete and GOF are software engineering books but not really
> >> CS books.
> > I understand and concur. Since I am a software engineer - coming in to
> > software from a different background - what I am looking for is self-
> > improvement books for a software engineer.
> In that case The Mythical Man-Month (Brooks) is a must.
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Thank you Rhodri.
I do have Mythical Man-Month - a great book indeed.
I was looking for more technical books -
I have now got a good set - Putting it across so that others can also
use maybe -

Code Complete,
Mythical Man-Month,
SICP - Thank you Paul - I have downloaded it from Web Site,
Introduction to algorithm - I have placed an order for the same,
The Pragmatic Programmer - Planning to buy,
Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code - again planning to
The C Programming Language - I had this, lost it, now I will buy
The Little Schemer - I am not sure about buying this - I dont know
Software Tools - Seems to be a classic - not sure whether I will buy.


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