Good books in computer science?

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Sun Jun 14 11:00:17 EDT 2009

On Jun 14, 6:04 pm, Steven D'Aprano
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> I think there are about 100 million VB code-monkeys who prove that theory
> wrong.
> Seriously, and without denigrating any specific language, you can program by
> (almost) mindlessly following a fixed number of recipes and patterns. This
> will get the job done, but it won't make you a good programmer.

When Dijkstra was asked what next programming language to learn he
would typically recommend Latin :-)

> Really? So you don't think that the best way to get good at something
> is to practice? I think I'm paraphrasing Richard Feynman here, but the
> only way to truly understand something is to do it.

> Obviously a bit of guided learning is a major boon, but you can't be practice.

For every one Horowitz there are a thousand wannbes thumping on the
piano trying to become Horowitz.
The traction that practice gives is maximal only in the beginning.

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