Impossible to reinstall python-opensync which made unusable my package installation tools

Ulrich Eckhardt eckhardt at
Mon Jun 15 04:38:02 EDT 2009

Cassian Braconnier wrote:
> [...] completely broke Synaptic, and made it impossible to install any
> (other, non python) package with apt-get or dpkg commands.

This is not a Python error and it doesn't actually belong here.

> So far I could not get any useful advice on the french ubuntu users
> forum, it is the reason why, though I am in no way a python-guy,
> I turned to this list.

Fire up an IRC client, connect to freenode and join the channel #ubuntu,
#debian or #debian-fr, there you should be able to find people who can help

Otherwise, it seems that the package is in a half-installed state and that
it fails to configure. What you can do is remove the content of the failing
post-installation script and then retry configuring it. Obviously it might
cause the package itself to break, but it shouldn't affect the whole
package management system.


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