doctests and decorators

Christian Heimes lists at
Tue Jun 16 12:31:21 EDT 2009

Eric Snow schrieb:
> Apparently there is a known issue with doctests, in which tests in
> functions using externally defined decorators are ignored.  The
> recommended fix is to update the order of checks in the _from_module
> method of DocTestFinder in the doctest module.  The bug and fix are
> discussed at the following URLs (and several places in this group):
> The fix implies that the inpect.getmodule function will find the
> module of the function object and not of the decorator.  However, in
> 2.4 the inspect.getmodule function returns the module of the
> decorator.  I have subsequently tested this in 2.5 and 2.6, and it
> also returns the module of the decorator.  As such, the fix for
> doctests does not work in my tests.  Below is the test code that I
> used:

It's not an issue with the doctest module but with your code. You want
to use functools.wraps().


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