cross platform method Re: How to get the total size of a local hard disk?

Nigel Rantor wiggly at
Tue Jun 16 12:50:48 EDT 2009

Tim Harig wrote:
> <warning font="small print">
> This is a joke.  Do not take it seriously.  I do not actually suggest
> anybody use this method to measure the size of their drive.  I do not take any
> responsibility for any damages incurred by using this method.  I will laugh
> at you if you do.  Offer not valid in AK, HI, Puero Rico, or U.S Virgin Ilands.
> </warning>

Like most jokes it's not really funny if you have to explain it.

But I appreciate that you're worried that anyone who would actually
follow the advice would also probably be rabidly litigious even if they
were one of those rare-breed of living brain-donors.


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