Executing a python script while it is running

Gary Herron gherron at islandtraining.com
Tue Jun 16 17:47:02 EDT 2009

Zach Hobesh wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Here's my situation:
> I have a batch file that calls a python script.
> This batch file is triggered by an outside application when the
> application completes a task.  The problem is that while the batch
> file (and pythons script) is running, the application will complete
> the next task, and try to call the batch file again (while it is
> already running)
> Hopefully that's not too confusing.
> I'm not sure what direction to go with this, any help or nudges in the
> RIGHT direction would be greatly appreciated.

You haven't defined a problem.  It's perfectly fine for two (or more) 
processes to be running the same script at the same time. 

Unless, of course, the script is doing something which should not be run 
in duplicate.  But then, you'll have to tell us what *that* is, and why 
it's a problem.  Then we'll have some problem for which we can ponder a 

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