Newbie question about method options

Tim Harig usernet at
Wed Jun 17 00:32:16 EDT 2009

On 2009-06-17, python-newbie113 <warhammer1805 at> wrote:
> If i use, create_arc(bbox, options) => id
> what is id? and how do i find the parameter list representing options?

I am not familiar with tkinker; but, the expression is just showing a
function prototype.  The function part should be self-explanitory.  Judging
from statements below like:

canvasx(screenx) => float, canvasy(screeny) => float


bbox(items) => tuple, bbox() => tuple

and the fact that "id" is mentioned for all of the functions that return a
handle, I suspect that the "=>" and what comes after it is just a
typographical notation to tell the reader what kind of datatype they can
expect the function to return.

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