walking a directory with very many files

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Wed Jun 17 01:07:05 EDT 2009

On Wed, 17 Jun 2009 03:42:02 GMT
Lie Ryan <lie.1296 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Mike Kazantsev wrote:
> > In fact, on modern filesystems it doesn't matter whether you
> > accessing /path/f9e95ea4926a4 with million files in /path
> > or /path/f/9/e/95ea with only hundred of them in each path. Former
> > case (all-in-one-path) would even outperform the latter with ext3
> > or reiserfs by a small margin.
> > Sadly, that's not the case with filesystems like FreeBSD ufs2 (at
> > least in sixth branch), so it's better to play safe and create
> > subdirs if the app might be run on different machines than keeping
> > everything in one path.
> It might not matter for the filesystem, but the file explorer (and ls)
> would still suffer. Subfolder structure would be much better, and much
> easier to navigate manually when you need to.

It's an insane idea to navigate any structure with hash-based names
and hundreds of thousands files *manually*: "What do we have here?
Hashies?" ;)

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