simple GUI for my application?

Tim Roberts timr at
Wed Jun 17 02:24:20 EDT 2009

Tim Harig <usernet at> wrote:
>IronPython is not a GUI toolkit per se.  It is a python implementation
>build on top of .Net like Jython is built on top of Java.  I therefore has
>access to the MFCs which can be used to create native Windows GUIs. 

That's not correct.  MFC is strictly a native C++ concept.  IronPython,
being a .NET language, has access to the .NET GUIs, which means either
Windows Forms or the incredibly powerful Windows Presentation Framework.

However, if I may be allowed to express an opinion, if you're going to play
in that world, you are swimming upstream unless you write in C#. Otherwise,
you end up spending most of your time translating C# concepts into Python.

>This can also be done from Cpython using the pywin extensions.

Here, you are correct.  Pywin32 does include a Python implementation of
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