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Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Wed Jun 17 03:41:18 EDT 2009

Horace Blegg  wrote:

>I've heard from my cousin that his former high school classmate's
>uncle did a research on a large statistical sample of programmers and
>found that emacs users' brains are about 12% smaller than vi users' :)

>I'm afraid it's the other way around, really. You see, emacs contains 5
characters, thus requiring MORE >brainpower to understand, where as vi is only 2
characters, requiring LESS brainpower. It's like that old joke. >Why do blondes
move to L.A? Because it's easy to spell. I guess what I'm saying is vi users are
blondes. :)

All this stuff is nonsense. It is a well known fact that the size of your
brain is not governed by what editor you use, but by what you drink.

The conjecture that some editors might drive you to drink is at the
moment only a theory.  I am not aware of any hard evidence
that correlates hard tack drinking patterns with editor usage.

So any research on brain size vs editor usage that does not also
include drinking pattern data is essentially invalid.

- Hendrik

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