Newbie question about method options

Dave Angel davea at
Wed Jun 17 03:43:46 EDT 2009

python-newbie113 wrote:
> I am new to python and have a question about using methods.
> Here is the link i am looking at:
> If i use, create_arc(bbox, options) => id
> what is id? and how do i find the parameter list representing options?
> Thanks for help in advance
> Andrew
This is a tkinter question, not a python one, and it's really all about 
how the docs for tkinter are organized.  I don't use tkinter, so I had 
to spelunk a little bit (try search).  You're looking at a summary 
page.  You want to see the details for a given one of those methods.

Search for create_arc, and you'll find
   as one of the links.  The link "Back" will get you to:

which is the beginning of Chapter 14, "The Canvas Arc Item"

As for 'id' I have no idea, but if you read further, you'll probably 
find out.  The fact that all of these methods return one indicates it's 
some sort of object reference for those widgets.

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