Regarding Python is scripting language or not

Martin P. Hellwig martin.hellwig at
Wed Jun 17 09:29:07 EDT 2009

Jochen Schulz wrote:
> abhishek goswami:
>> Can anyone Guide me that Python is Oject oriented programming language
>> or Script language
> In my opinion, Python is both. But an "objective" answer would require
> you to define what you means by these terms.
> If, by "object-oriented" you mean "everything has to be put into
> classes", then Python is not object-oriented. If, by "scripting
> language" you mean Python is an error-prone toy language, unsuitable for
> large, serious projects, then Python is not a scripting language either.
> J.

IMHO Python is an programming environment where you can chose the right 
approach for your particular problem. Because it seems to favour clarity 
over classification purity, it can not be so easily defined. This 
approach should be fine for everybody unless you are the type that 
insist on using one approach because in theory it should be suitable for 

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