Tool for browsing python code

Paul Boddie paul at
Wed Jun 17 10:25:38 EDT 2009

On 16 Jun, 14:48, Lucas P Melo <lukepada... at> wrote:
> Is there any tool for browsing python code? (I'm having a hard time
> trying to figure this out)
> Anything like cscope with vim would be great.

Are you limiting your inquiry to text editors or IDEs, or are Web-
based solutions also interesting? Often, convenient browsing tools
index the code and try and provide reasonable links from the place
where a particular name or symbol may be used to the definition of
that name or symbol elsewhere in a system. Initially, for a Web-based
code browser, I looked at LXR [1], but it seemed that OpenGrok [2] was
probably a better solution except for the fact that it uses the usual
Java parallel universe of Web and application servers.

Meanwhile, there are pages on the Wiki about IDEs, editors
and documentation tools, all of which might be relevant here:



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