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abhishek goswami wrote:
> Hi,
> I have very basic question about Python that do we consider pyhton as 
> script language.
> I searched in google but it becomes more confusion for me. After some 
> analysis I came to know that Python support oops .
> Can anyone Guide me that Python is Oject oriented programming language 
> or Script language
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Both.  Especially if you define the terms "object oriented" and 
"scripting" in terms of positive space (attributes that are present) 
instead of negative space (attributes that are not present).

Python has all of the important features of OOP, but lacks some of the 
imposed constraints that some consider to be part of the definition of 
OOP (I personally do not consider the constraints to be central to a 
useful definition of OOP)

Python has all of the important features that one would want in a 
scripting language (although it has a larger memory footprint than some 
scripting languages), but lacks many of limitations associated with "toy 

Python is somewhat unique in it's ability to fill both of these areas so 
well without being unnatural.  In my opinion, it is extremely useful to 
have one language that serves as both a highly scalable full-featured 
OOP language and as an extremely simple scripting language, because it 
allows one to build a large complex system within which one can easily 
do scripting tasks.

Proof that python is a scripting language:

    print "Hello world"

Proof that python is an OOP language benefiting from scripting capabilities:

   Django comes to mind.  There are hundreds of others out there, but 
instead of listing them, I think I will get back to programming.


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