Regarding Python is scripting language or not

Lie Ryan lie.1296 at
Wed Jun 17 16:36:31 EDT 2009

Jean-Michel Pichavant wrote:
> abhishek goswami wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have very basic question about Python that do we consider pyhton as
>> script language.
>> I searched in google but it becomes more confusion for me. After some
>> analysis I came to know that Python support oops .
>> Can anyone Guide me that Python is Oject oriented programming language
>> or Script language
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>> <*> 
> Depends on what you are calling a scripting language.
> Refering to wikipedia,
> "A *scripting language*, *script language* or *extension language* is a
> programming language <>
> that allows some control of a single or many software application(s)
> <>."
> Python is definitely OOP oriented and I don't think it fits in the
> script definition above.

Python is multiparadigm. It is a mix of OOP language and functional
language. It does not force you to use certain paradigm and allows you
to mix paradigms in a single piece of code.

Python is a programming language when referring to the stand-alone
virtual machine.

Python is a scripting language when used inside or
Inkscape or GIMP or Blender or other software that uses python as
scripting language. You may also argue that python is a scripting
language for the OS.

IMHO, whether a language is scripting language or programming language
is independent of the language (Python, Java, Basic, C, etc) nor the
implementation (CPython, Sun's JVM, VB, GCC, etc) of the language, but
instead tied to the usage of the language (Stand-alone Python vs. python
on OpenOffice/Blender/GIMP/Inkscape, Standalone Java vs. browser-based
Java, VB vs. VBA/VBScript, etc).

> Python is interpreted and platform independent, but you can still build
> standalone platform dependent binaries if required.
> Regarding your last question, I'm not sure scripting and OOP language
> are not compatible, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find OOP scripting
> language.
> Jean-Michel

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