first full alpha release of PyLab_Works v0.3

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at
Wed Jun 17 18:59:25 EDT 2009

>>> program didn't start because .dll is missing (sorry I don't have the
>>> name)...  I don't know if that is just an issue with the installer
>>> with vista or not (missing msv something 71. dll)
>> You probably mean the microsoft visual C++ runtime (msvcr71.dll),
>> windows vista has a brand new way (via manifest files) to make it more
>> difficult to install compiled binaries.
>> Search for 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package' and
>> install it.
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> it says I am missing msvcp71.dll installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
> Redistributable Package
>  did not help..  I had simular problems
>  with alot of installers I had saved (from installing on xp) but when
> I grabbed newer installers
> they all worked, could be the manifast....  I was looking forward to
> trying it out..
I rebuild the package with all windows system files included, suggested 
by Py2Exe,
see the installation instructions:
these system files will be unpacked in the root of the installation.
I'm not familiar with Windows Vista, but this would be the trick in 
Windows XP.


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