What text editor is everyone using for Python

JussiJ jussij at zeusedit.com
Wed Jun 17 23:52:36 EDT 2009

On May 26, 3:35 am, LittleGrasshopper <seattleha... at yahoo.com> wrote:

> With so many choices, I was wondering what editor is the one you
> prefer when coding Python,

The Zeus for Windows IDE is Python aware:


> and why.

It does syntax highlighting, smart indenting, code folding etc etc

You can write Zeus scripts in Python.

Zeus also creates Python tag informatuion (via ctags.exe) and this
information is used to populate the class/code browser.

It is also possible to hook in the Python documentation so the help
can be searched and accessed from within the editor:


Jussi Jumppanen
Author: Zeus for Windows IDE
NOTE: Zeus is shareware

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