generator expression works in shell, NameError in script

guthrie grguthrie at
Thu Jun 18 08:38:15 EDT 2009

On Jun 17, 6:38 pm, Steven Samuel Cole <steven.samuel.c... at>
> Still don't really understand why my initial code didn't work, though...

Your code certainly looks reasonable, and looks to me like it "should"
work. The comment of partial namespace is interesting, but
unconvincing (to me) - but I am not a Python expert! It would
certainly seem that within that code block it is in the local
namespace, not removed from that scope to be in another.

Seems that it should either be a bug, or else is a design error in the

Just as in the above noted "WTF" - non-intuitive language constructs
that surprise users are poor design.

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