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Fri Jun 19 04:53:27 EDT 2009

>>>>> Vishal Shetye <vishal_shetye at> (VS) wrote:

>VS> I want to synchronize calls using rw locks per 'group' and my implementation is similar to
>VS> except that I have my own Lock implementation.

>VS> All my synchronized functions take 'whatGroup' as param. My lock considers 'group' while deciding on granting locks through acquire.

>VS> What I could come up with is:
>VS> - decorator knows(assumes) first param to decorated functions is always 'whatGroup'
>VS> - decorator passes this 'whatGroup' argument to my lock which is used in acquire logic.

>VS> Is it ok to make such assumptions in decorator?

As long as you make sure that all decorated functions indeed adhere to
that assumption there is nothing wrong with it.
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