sqlite3, OperationalError: no such column, shouldn't that ne a ProgrammingError?

Gerhard Häring gh at ghaering.de
Fri Jun 19 06:20:16 EDT 2009

Gabriel Rossetti wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I get an OperationalError with sqlite3 if I put the wrong column name,
> but shouldn't that be a ProgrammingError instead? I read PEP 249 and it
> says :
> "        OperationalError
>                    Exception raised for errors that are related to the
>            database's operation and not necessarily under the control
>            of the programmer, e.g. an unexpected disconnect occurs,
>            the data source name is not found, a transaction could not
>            be processed, a memory allocation error occurred during
>            processing, etc.  It must be a subclass of DatabaseError.
>                  ProgrammingError
>                    Exception raised for programming errors, e.g. table not
>            found or already exists, syntax error in the SQL
>            statement, wrong number of parameters specified, etc.  It
>            must be a subclass of DatabaseError.
> "
> and to me it sounds more like a programming error than an operational
> error.

I agree. But I can't help you there.

See _pysqlite_seterror() at

What I do is map SQLite error codes to DB-API exceptions. And SQLite
reports your error as generic SQLITE_ERROR, which is mapped to

-- Gerhard

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