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Aaron Brady  <castironpi at> wrote:
>You are not being any help, Rhodri, in your question.  

Maybe not, but honestly, you're getting pretty close to going back in my
killfile.  Although you're no longer trolling this group, I find your
writing difficult to read at best; answering questions from people like
Rhodri is about your only chance to reach people like me.  Even without
the killfile, I'm skipping about 60-80% of your posts.  It's a free
Usenet, of course, so you're under no obligation to pay any attention to
me, but I think you ought to consider the merits of changing your
opinion of Rhodri's questions.

Side note: the rhetorical trick of inserting a person's name in a
statement is often intended and received as a mildly patronizing insult.
It's not at all clear to me whether that was your intent; if not, you
might want to change your writing style a bit.
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