Calling subprocess with arguments

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> Tyler Laing <trinioler at> wrote:
> > Thanks mike, the idea that maybe some of the info isn't being passed is
> > certainly interesting.
> > 
> > Here's the output of os.environ and sys.argv:
> >
> ...
> I'm afraid these doesn't make much sense without the output from the
> second results, from py itself. My suggestion was just to compare them
> - pop the py shell, eval the outputs into two sets, do the diff and
> you'll see it at once.
> If there's an empty set then I guess it's pretty safe to assume that
> python creates subprocess in the same way the shell does.

Just thought of one more really simple thing I've missed: vlc might
expect it's remote to work with tty, so when py shoves it a pipe
instead, it automatically switches to non-interactive mode.

You can remedy that a bit by superclassing subprocess.Popen, replacing
pipes with pty, but they are quite hard to work with, prehaps pexpect
module would be of some use there:

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