Status of Python threading support (GIL removal)?

Christian Heimes lists at
Fri Jun 19 19:52:50 EDT 2009

Aahz wrote:
> In article <157e0345-74e0-4144-a2e6-2b4cc854ce37 at>,
> Carl Banks  <pavlovevidence at> wrote:
>> I wish Pythonistas would be more willing to acknowledge the (few)
>> drawbacks of the language (or implementation, in this case) instead of
>> all this rationalization.  
> Please provide more evidence that Pythonistas are unwilling to
> acknowledge the drawbacks of the GIL.  I think you're just spreading FUD.
> The problem is that discussions about the GIL almost invariably include
> false statements about the GIL, and I'm certainly not going to hamper my
> writing to always include the caveats about GIL drawbacks while
> correcting the wrong information.

Aahz, my magic pixie dust bag is empty. Do you have some spare dust to
remove the cursed GIL all alone? :p


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