Status of Python threading support (GIL removal)?

Carl Banks pavlovevidence at
Sat Jun 20 05:16:17 EDT 2009

On Jun 19, 4:35 pm, a... at (Aahz) wrote:
> In article <157e0345-74e0-4144-a2e6-2b4cc854c... at>,
> Carl Banks  <pavlovevide... at> wrote:
> >I wish Pythonistas would be more willing to acknowledge the (few)
> >drawbacks of the language (or implementation, in this case) instead of
> >all this rationalization.  
> Please provide more evidence that Pythonistas are unwilling to
> acknowledge the drawbacks of the GIL.

I will not, since I was not making an assertion, but an observation
that some Pythonistas ignore (and even outright dismiss) claims that
Python has a drawback by countering with a suggestion that they should
be doing it some other, often more obtuse, way anyway--and expressing
a wish that I could observe this less often.

Carl Banks

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