Question about None

Paul Rubin http
Sat Jun 20 05:38:00 EDT 2009

Paul LaFollette <paul.lafollette at> writes:
> So, what I would like is some sort of object that is a "kind of"
> everything but contains nothing, a unique minimal element of the
> partial ordering imposed on the set of classes by the inheritance
> heierarchy.  Whilst I am not naive mathematically, I am relatively
> naive in the area of language design.  In my naivete, it seemed to me
> that None could have been designed to be such a thing.  Apparently
> that is incorrect.

I don't remember if I linked to this article:

You might like it.  If you want to learn some contemporary programming
language theory at a mathematical level, start with Harper's
"Practical Foundations for Programming Languages":

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