IDLE comments

MRAB python at
Sat Jun 20 08:34:00 EDT 2009

Chris Rebert wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 11:23 PM, Jason Gervich<gervich at> wrote:
>> Why does IDLE use two hash marks for comments (##)? Most other editors
>> (Geany, SPE) use a single hash mark (#) to designate comments.
> I would guess to distinguish its (usually block) comments from
> manually-added (usually explanatory) comments, but this is just
> conjecture.
The menu has the entries "Comment Out Region" and "Uncomment Region" so
that you can disable lines of code by turning them into comments and
then uncomment them again. By using "##" it can distinguish between
comments that it has created from those that you might have added later,
which start with one "#".

>> How does one change IDLE to use just a single (#) hash mark for comments?
> Edit its source code? The GUI doesn't appear to expose any option for it.

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