Inheritance and forward references (prototypes)

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>>>>> Steven D'Aprano <steve at> (SD) wrote:

>SD> Lorenzo Di Gregorio wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm wondering what would be the preferred way to solve the following
>>> forward reference problem:

>SD> You don't actually explain what is the problem. Fortunately, I'm good at
>SD> guessing, and I think I can guess what your problem is (see below):

>>> ---------------------------------------
>>> class BaseA(object):
>>> def __init__(self):
>>> return
>>> class DebugA(BaseA):
>>> def __init__(self):
>>> return
>>> # here I would have a prototype of class A which is the same as class
>>> BaseA
>>> class B(object):
>>> def __init__(self):
>>> self.obj = A()
>>> return
>>> if __name__ == "__main__":
>>> #    class A(BaseA): # Uncomment this for using BaseA objects
>>> #       pass
>>> class A(DebugA): # Uncomment this for using DebugA objects
>>> pass
>>> ---------------------------------------

>SD> Class A only gets defined if you run the module as a script. What you need
>SD> is to unconditionally define class A, outside of the if __name__ block:

>SD> class A(BaseA):
>SD>     pass

>SD> # A.__base__ = DebugA  ## Uncomment this line for debugging.

>>>A.__base__ = DebugA
TypeError: readonly attribute

Make that: A.__bases__ = DebugA,

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