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Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Sun Jun 21 05:38:18 EDT 2009

 "Grant Ito" <grant_ito at> wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> I'm looking to find out what people are using for an open source wysiwyg GUI 
> developer. I'm running both Linux and Windows but prefer to do my 
> development in Linux. I've got the most experience with Tkinter but am 
> willing to look at wxPython and Tix as well.
> Thus far I've looked into PAGE and SpecTcl. The version of PAGE I've 
> downloaded doesn't quite look like the online manual so I'm wondering about 
> that. SpecTcl seems cool but I can't locate SpecPython by either Erik Brunel 
> or Richard Colley, and the SpecTix page is down as well, as is the 
> GUIBuilder page.
> All the sites I've looked at seem to date back to somewhere between 2002 and 
> 2006. Any help would be much appreciated.

Have a long, hard look at Boa Constructor.
It is a RAD based on wx.
It actually works as advertised.

- Hendrik

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