Status of Python threading support (GIL removal)?

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Sun Jun 21 05:47:49 EDT 2009

"Kay Schluehr" <kay at> wrote:

> This implies that people stay defensive concerning concurrency ( like
> me right now ) and do not embrace it like e.g. Erlang does. Sometimes
> there is a radical change in the way we design applications and a
> language is the appropriate medium to express it succinctly.
> Concurrency is one example, writing GUIs and event driven programs in
> a declarative style ( Flex, WPF, JavaFX ) is another one. In
> particular the latter group shows that new skills are adopted rather
> quickly.
> I don't see that a concurrency oriented language has really peaked
> though yet.

I think that this is because (like your link has shown) the problem
is really not trivial, and also because the model that can bring
sanity to the party (independent threads/processes that communicate
with queued messages) is seen as inefficient at small scale.

- Hendrik

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