python needs a tutorial for install and setup on a Mac

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Mon Jun 22 08:20:02 EDT 2009

Switching between python version
Lets assume you have python 2.4.x and now you installed 2.5.x.By default
python path will point to 2.4.x. To switch to python 2.5.x, use following

cd /usr/bin
sudo rm pythonw
sudo ln -s "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/bin/pythonw"
sudo rm python
sudo ln -s pythonw python2.5
sudo  ln -s python2.5 python

this worked for me... do let me know if any1 has other way of doing...


Vincent Davis wrote:
> I am running python on a mac and when I was getting going it was difficult
> to setup information. Specifically how modify bash_profile, how pythonpath
> works and how to set it up. how to switch between python versions.
> How/where
> to install modules if you have multiple installed versions. I am thinking
> about this from perspective  of a new pythoner (is there a word for a
> person
> who programs in python). I think many new pythoners may be like me and
> don't
> mess with the underling UNIX on a mac.
> My question/suggestion is that there be a nice tutorial for this. I am
> wiling to contribute much but I am still somewhat new to python and may
> need
> help with some details. Also where should this be posted, how do I post
> it.
> Do other think there is a need? Any willing to help?
> But of course I may have missed a great tutorial out there if so I think
> It
> needs to be easier to findor I need to learn how to look.
> Thanks
> Vincent
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