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Mon Jun 22 09:27:03 EDT 2009

BJörn Lindqvist wrote:

> 2009/6/22  <przemolicc at>:
>> Hello,
>> I have thousends of files with logs from monitoring system. Each file
>> has some important data (numbers). I'd like to create charts using those
>> numbers. Could you please suggest library which will allow creating
>> such charts ? The preferred chart is line chart.
>> Besides is there any library which allow me to zoom in/out of such chart
>> ? Sometimes I need to create chart using long-term data (a few months)
>> but then observe a minutes - it would be good to not create another
>> short-term chart but just zoom-in.
>> Those files are on one unix server and the charts will be displayed on
>> another unix server so the X-Window protocol is going to be used.
> Try Google Charts. It is quite excellent for easily creating simple
> charts. There is also Gnuplot which is more advanced and complicated.
> Both tools have python bindings.

Which option is better:


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