Good books in computer science?

Steve Ferg steve.ferg.bitbucket at
Mon Jun 22 09:29:56 EDT 2009

If you are looking for *classics*, then you can't beat Michael
Jackson's "Principles of Program Design" and "System Development".
They are pre-ObjectOriented, but if you really want to understand what
application programming is all about, this is where you should

I also recommend Eric S. Roberts "Thinking Recursively".  I don't know
if it can be considered a classic, but a good programmer needs to be
able to understand and do recursion, and I found this book a very
readable introduction.

It may also help if you bring a tighter focus to your search.  The
domain of programming can be divided up into large subdomains, each
with its own specialized types of problems, techniques and classics.
Here are some subdomains that I can think of off the top of my head:

system programming -- dealing with interacting with the computer at
the bits and bytes level
scientific programming -- dealing with algorithms
business programming -- dealing with data structures and the events
that change them
embedded & real-time programming -- dealing with controlling machines

... and there are probably others, such as writing compilers/
interpreters, and robotics programming.

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