python needs a tutorial for install and setup on a Mac

Vincent Davis vincent at
Mon Jun 22 11:19:42 EDT 2009

 tkpmep at wrote:

> I think a setup guide for the Mac would prove very useful. Earlier
> this year, I tried installing Python 2.6 on my iMac, and ran into all
> sorts of problems, largely as a result of the fact that I knew very
> little about Unix. I finally downloaded and installed the Enthought
> Python distribution for the Mac and it worked like a charm.

Exactly why I think this is needed. I did the same thing, installed
Enthought. Then I wanted to use 2.6 and now 3.0.1 . I have all versions
installed. They work and I know how to switch between but not so sure what s
going on when I things  a package. I should not require lots of googling for
the answers. The mailing lists are great and everyone is helpful but do you
really want to answer the same questions again and agian.

Kushal Kumaran "Have you seen the page at and the
pages linked from it?

Yes I have as I am sure tkpmep at and did not find it usefull, or I
should say only a little.

So I still have no answer, There seems to be a need but, no one has said
"post it hear" or volunteered to help.
Am I going about this wrong?

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