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Lie Ryan lie.1296 at
Mon Jun 22 13:36:07 EDT 2009

BJörn Lindqvist wrote:
> 2009/6/22  <przemolicc at>:
>> Hello,
>> I have thousends of files with logs from monitoring system. Each file
>> has some important data (numbers). I'd like to create charts using those
>> numbers. Could you please suggest library which will allow creating
>> such charts ? The preferred chart is line chart.
>> Besides is there any library which allow me to zoom in/out of such chart ?
>> Sometimes I need to create chart using long-term data (a few months) but
>> then observe a minutes - it would be good to not create another short-term
>> chart but just zoom-in.
>> Those files are on one unix server and the charts will be displayed on
>> another unix server so the X-Window protocol is going to be used.
> Try Google Charts. It is quite excellent for easily creating simple
> charts. There is also Gnuplot which is more advanced and complicated.
> Both tools have python bindings.

I've used Quickplot ( for similar
purpose. It's not the most elegant solution since the chart viewer is
external, not embedded to your program, but it works, zooming and all.

You simply need to create a program that convert the log file into list
of points and pipe it to quickplot or save it into a file and point
quickplot to it (look at the command line options).

The chart navigation is a bit unusual, but is efficient to work with
once you get used to it.

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