Open source python projects

Alan G Isaac alan.isaac at
Mon Jun 22 19:35:20 EDT 2009

On 6/22/2009 3:40 PM saurabh apparently wrote:
> I am an experienced C programmer and recently dived into python,
> I have developed an instant love for it.
> I have been doing some routine scripting for day to day admin tasks,also 
> have done some Tkinter and socket programming using python.
> I am looking for some open source python project preferably in one of
> the above areas (not strictly, am open to others too) to contribute.

A one off project ...

If you can help figure out how to produce a Windows installer
of SimpleParse for Python 2.6 and post your experience here,
I believe quite a few projects would profit, not to mention
the SimpleParse users themselves.

Alan Isaac

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