launch a .py file from a batch file

Che M cmpython at
Tue Jun 23 14:14:08 EDT 2009

On Jun 23, 5:30 am, Paul Moore < at> wrote:
> 2009/6/23 C M <cmpyt... at>:
> >> Assuming you're running on Windows XP, try the following line in your
> >> batch file:
> >> @start path\MyPythonApp.pyw
> >> That's of course after you rename your script to a pyw extension.  That's
> >> associated with pythonw, which doesn't need a command window.
> > Well, I renamed my script to have a .pyw extension, and then ran the line
> > above.  Without quotes, it doesn't find it (because I have spaces in the
> > path).
> > With quotes it just opens a console and does nothing (does not launch the
> > app).
> > Any ideas?
> Use
> @start "" "path\MyPythonApp.pyw"
> The first item in quotes is the window title. If you only include the
> path (in quotes) it's taken as a title, which is why you need the
> second set of quotes.
> Paul.

Unfortunately, when I try that it says "Windows cannot find [that
file]", etc.
And yet I am copying the filename right from the file manager and it

What's also odd is that if I open the file using cd and then just
the filename on the next line, that file (which I gave a .pyw
doesn't open, but a file that has a .py extension does.

Any ideas?

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