[Mac] file copy

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 21:24:16 EDT 2009

Tobias Weber wrote:
> Why "so"? shutil does not use bin/cp!

That's good to know.  I had always thought that that was what shutils
did, but you're right; it does not.

That said, since cp indeed *can* copy resource forks on Tiger and up,
you could use subprocess to call it.

Just as an aside, your response to a couple of the suggestions in this
thread has been a bit brusque, even given the normal limits of e-mail
communications.  While it's true that nothing so far has been quite what
you wanted, I'm sure that everyone has certainly tried to help you find
a solution by throwing out different ideas!  It is also true that for
many people resources forks are not at all necessary, which is probably
why someone mentioned that before, perhaps hoping to save you work.
Anyways, I certainly hope you do get something working.

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