dynamically associate radio buttons with droplists

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>>>Not being very familiar with python, nor with cgi/http, =A0I intend to
>>>have 3 of buttons in a webpage, each of them is associate with a file
>>>(so I have 3 files, too)
>>>What I would like to have is, when users choose a button, the droplist
>>>update automatically to load the contents of the associated file.
>> Are you trying to do this without requiring the user to click the submit
>> button? =A0If yes, you need to learn JavaScript (although I think there a=
>> web frameworks that will auto-generate the JavaScript, you need to know
>> JavaScript in order to do debugging).
>Thanks, and yes I want to do it without the submit button
>So python alone cannot do this?

Correct; you need to have code run in the browser, and few browsers
support Python.
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