Python 3.0.1 and mingw

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Wed Jun 24 10:48:50 EDT 2009

En Wed, 24 Jun 2009 08:55:07 -0300, lkcl <luke.leighton at>  
> On Jun 23, 10:59 pm, smartmobili <v.richo... at> wrote:

>> I wanted to know if you have some patch to compile python 3.x on mingw
>> platform because I found some
>> but doesn't work very well :
>  you should compile a 2.N version.
>  [...]
> states that i am not allowed to
> post "work in progress", despite it being significantly complete, and
> despite it being worthwhile to have added in as-is into the standard
> python repository.

What you've been told is not to use the Python bug tracker as a blog. You  
could write about your progresses in *another* place, and maybe from time  
to time post a link here so interested people is aware of it.

>  by cutting most of configure out and going with a pre-prepared
> Config.h i was able to reduce that time down to (only) about 10
> minutes.

That's fine, the "official" Windows build uses a hand written config.h too.

>  like all free software projects, there is considerable additional
> work to be done: everything is "work in progress", but thanks to the
> python developers applying one standard to themselves on what
> constitutes "work in progress" and another for contributors, you will
> not get the benefit of my input and expertise until you (python users)
> can get the python developers to treat my efforts to help users with a
> little more respect.

If you expect your work to be taken seriously, work seriously. Randomly  
changing code until some symptom disappears isn't a very good practice,  
I'd say. Try to polish the patches a little until you are happy with them,  
and only then submit them.

Gabriel Genellina

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