IDLE / Python 2.5 under Jaunty

duncan smith buzzard at
Wed Jun 24 11:54:26 EDT 2009

Michiel Overtoom wrote:
> Duncan Smith wrote:
>> IDLE now refuses to
>> respond to left click events (for code editing, menus etc. respond as
>> expected).  If I right click, then left click I can move the cursor, but
>> that's not ideal. 
>> So, has anybody else had the left click issue with IDLE (and solved it)?
> Irritating problem, isn't it?  I experience the same on FreeBSD with Tk8.5.
> I had to downgrade to Tk8.4, which has ugly fonts.
> See
> "Moving the mouse over the text widget changes the cursor to the I-beam
> as expected, but click on text doesn't position the beam at the mouse
> position.  It is also impossible to select text with the mouse.
> Selecting text with shift-arrow keys works, however."
> It's closed because it doesn't seem related to Python.
> Greetings,

Thanks for the responses.  I searched far and wide, and couldn't find
anyone else having the same problem.  I have Tk 8.4.19-2 and 8.5.6-3 on
this machine.  I remember changing the font a while back (before
upgrading to Jaunty) because it was barely readable.  I guess the issue
is with Tk 8.5.6-3.  Just found I can move the cursor (by left clicking)
if I hold the control key down.  Shift arrow keys works for selection.
Still not so good.  Cheers.


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