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Ross Ridge rridge at
Wed Jun 24 13:17:53 EDT 2009

aahz at (Aahz) writes:
> Guess what?  Prior to DejaNews, discussions on Usenet *were* ephemeral,
> and it all worked.

Not really, Usenet was archived before DejaNews arrived on the scene.
I can find plenty of my posts from before then.  Regardless, Usenet
works better now that searchable archives are available on the WWW.

Dennis Lee Bieber  <wlfraed at> wrote:
>	If there were an "X-no-google" option I'd switch... I have no real
>concerns about archives /accessed via NNTP through some paid-traceable
>account/... But look at how much effort Google has to go through in the
>attempt of obliterating email addresses in the attempt at minimizing
>collection of such by spammers...

Uh... this makes no sense.  X-No-Archive does nothing to prevent spammers
from harvesting your e-mail address.  Your current posts are available
to spammers for free on NNTP and WWW servers all over the 'net with or
without the header.  At least Google does try to hide your e-mail address,
other WWW sites don't bother:

You'd be more protected from spammers with an X-Google-Only option.

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